Zeno Clash 2

First Person, Role Playing, Brawler.

April 30, 2013


The kind of game you dont see very often, a brawler.

First person view of your two fists while you run around a punch all sorts of people and creatures in the face. Like most brawlers the weapons are hard to come across and break after a few hits. RPG factor of being able to increase you health, strength(dmg), stamina and leadership(ability to recruit teammates who are basically useless). I really like the gameplay of punching people, like a first person Yakuza with cartoony graphics.

Story was about a race of people who are banned from the rest of the world for being uncivilized. You play a character who is trying to figure out why a golem is trying to bring law and order to his land and finds out he is also hiding the rest of the world from them. Later another golem of equal status shows up and helps you and your party along because he no longer was trying to stop people from leaving the land but, made moral tests for people and watched what happened. In the end the golem your trying to kill finds out that the other golem is helping you (and after a really long last boss battle) he ends up commiting suicide by holding the other golem in place while they both get crushed to death. After that a scene plays showing that all the people are finally free.

I really liked this game, a lot more then I thought I would. I played it because Atlus published it and i've liked all Atlus published games i've played so far and this one is no different.

Zeno Clash 2 UI

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