They Breathe

Side scroller. Puzzle.

Released May 23, 2014


Bought it for 61 cents and got 40 cents of cards.

Extremely short.

Basically you're a frog named Glenn and you float down in a lake, you have to grab air bubbles to breathe while also pushing suffocating frogs into air bubbles to save them.

There are 2 types of enemies, Moose who you need to grab air bubbles before them till they suffocate (left breathless) or Jelly who you need to run into air bubbles till they explode.

At the bottom of the lake you reach "the root of all evil" which you then have to use jellies to pick up frogs off troae till it blows up.

The final scene is you floating back to the surface and all the frogs you saved are there on the surface as well.

If you saved all frogs there will also be a guy sitting on a log on an island in the lake.

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They Breathe Gameplay