The Bureau XCOM Declassified

Tactical, Third Person Shooter.

Released Augest 20, 2013.



The Bureau: XCOM Declassified gameplay

Gameplay was very similar to Mass Effect, very different from other games in the XCOM series.

Games takes place in the late 60s when America is fighting the Cold War with the Russians.

Story is the basic XCOM story, aliens invade and the XCOM need to stop them.

You play a character named William Carter.

Eventually you get to the alien planet and learn that your character has an "ethereal" attached to him, he brings it back to Earth and after a weird scene where your ethereal and another one discuss wiping out humanity to save other races from "mosaic"(this is what caused the aliens to invade Earth). Will doesnt like it so he threatens to kill himself if the ethereal doesnt leave him. You then have 30 seconds to press enter to leave Will's body, after 30 seconds the bomb blows up and credits roll. If you hit enter then you get to choose one of the other 3 people on the ship to invade instead and they subdue Will.

The last level is you playing the new character you chose on the alien's ship in orbit, trying to kill the alien you thought you killed on the alien world but, he just followed you back to Earth.

You then have to make another choice to save 1 of the other 2 characters you didnt pick before.

The end is you take control of the machine that connects aliens to mosaic and you get them to kill each other then themselves, people who were infected by the aliens are also killed.

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