First Person Shooter. RPG. Survival Horror.


Like an early Bioshock.

Released April 11, 1999.


Made it on my top 10 favorite games list. I will definitely be playing this game over at least a few times.

Between SS2 in 1999 and Deus Ex in 2000, I feel like these 2 days revolutionized fps games, especially with rpg elements.

System Shock 2 classic wrench

Story is about a spaceship that was infested with someone kind of alien. The infestation turns humans into alien/human hybrids and later into annelids(aliens). You start on the ship, with no knowledge of the events that have taken place and at first are greeted with a person over the intercom. You later learn that the person is actually an A.I. called Shodan who needs your help to stop her creations (the annelids) and a rogue A.I. called Xerxes. In the end you learn she was using you to get rid of Xerxes so she could take over the ships system and use them to create her own world using the ships faster then light drive. You then proceed to shut down her shields (while avoiding her polygon bullets). The last scene starts playing after you shut off her shields and reduce her life to 0. The last scene is her telling your character that she can make him more powerful and they can rule together, to which your character replies nah and lets off a shotgun round into her face.

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System Shock 2 energy pistol