Skull Girls "Filia"

Japanese Fighting game.

Released Augest 22, 2013

Filia story beaten 5/12/2014


Very fun Japanese fighting game like most others.

Combo system can be very harsh, almost 100 to 0 combos.

Filia's story is that she and her hair (seperate entity) are trying to figure out who Filia is since she is an amnesiac. They fight there way through many characters including Painwheel who tells her she is Carol. At the end Filia fights the Skullgirl Maria and after she beats her she wishes to right the wrong she did to Painwheel (she feels she caused something) then it shows Filia in class and Painwheel is introduced to the class as a new student. It then shows Filia and Painwheel standing together smiling.

Date BeatenEdit

Skullgirls screenshot

Skullgirls Battle