Shadow warrior 2013

Shadow Warrior 2013

First Person Shooter.

Released September 26, 2013


It was quite fun to play though pretty long.

Serious Sam style enemy spawning and "wave attacks", also same "spray a million bullets" and lots of blood as SS.

Duke Nukem style humor and one liners, going as far as even putting in "hail to the king baby". Characters name was Lo Wang so most jokes and one liners have something to do with Wang.

Most one liners based around vulgarity but, some slightly racists ones mixed in aswell. "Just like Hiroshima,Nagasaki,Pearl Harbor.(Character is an asian guy)

Story was ok, nothing special. Basically demons are invading and you need to collect 3 swords to stop them.

Ending credits are memorable though because it was so bizarre. Basically the camera zooms out to where you began the level then back to you which takes a few minutes. Also it zooms away from you and a lady kneeling by a mask, when it zooms back your still in the same position but, the mask is gone and the lady is dead infront of you.

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