S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

First Person Shooter.

Somewhat a hardcore survival simulator mixed with horror.

Released March 20, 2007.


The accuracy of your shots are terrible, it makes the game very hard. Enemies can see you from very very far away and still shoot you when your guns accuracy doesnt allow you to even get shots that hit them, even with the best guns. Even things up close are hard to kill and spraying something even if its in your face wont hit or kill it.

The story was interesting, it was also interesting how they used Chernobyl NPP area as one of the areas and how the game ends at (or around) the nuclear powerplant.

The ending was a little bizarre, your character makes his way to cherno npp reactor #4 (where the disaster in rl happened) to something called the wish granter. At that point you can get one of five "false" endings, the one I got was greed where your character tells the wish granter he wishes he was rich and hallucinates there is gold falling from the ceiling when in reality the ceiling just caves in on the character, killing him. The real ending had 2 choices (very similar to Deus Ex and much later ME3), join the C-Consciousness or destroy it. If you join then your character gets into a tube and becomes part of the A.I. that runs the "Zone" (Deus Ex Helios Ending). If you destroy it then your character sprays into the machine with his AKM-74/2U then is next shown laying outside, the "Zone" now gone he lies down in some grass, exclaims how he doesnt know if it was right or wrong but only cares he made it through alive, then falls asleep.

All in all it was a pretty fun game, the bad accuracy was made up for with good storyline and a few "make you jump" moments.

Definitely will play through again with mods (seems to be the better way to play).

Game is heavily influenced by the country the developers are in. Like Bohemia Interactive's Arma, both games are the epitome of games created by developers in Eastern Europe.

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