Outlast Whistleblower saw/cannibal guy

First Person, Survival Horror.

Released May 6, 2014


Very much like the first Outlast its full of suprises that make you jump, especially when opening doors or entering an area.

Very fun game! Memorable like the first.

Story is your Weylon Park again and you work at Murdoff as a contract worker. You try to expose them but, get caught and committed. While they are trying to experiment on you, wallrider attack and allows the patients to take over the facility (like Outlast). You get to see a couple old mobs like the fat guy and the doctor(but hes dead) while getting to know new mobs like the Groom(smiling guy) and Saw Guy(cannibal guy)(see pic). In the end you run out of the facility, get in your jeep and drive away.

A little bit over the top on penises and balls, you see atleast 30 including the one belonging to the character your playing.

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