Lifeless Planet

Puzzle. Platformer.

Released June 6th, 2014

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Gameplay is like most puzzle platformers.

Puzzles are a bit easier then most games and platforming is like most games except the gimmick to LP is that you have a jetpack which can shoot you up for half a second to cross farther gaps.

Story was about an astronaut who traveled 15 light years to a new planet to discover humans had already been there. He tries to find out what happened to them. Apparently Russians found a portal to a new world (the one your on) and tried to harness the planets energy which they called green fire. It didnt work out and oxygen giving plants started dying while the planets other life started to become aggressive. In an attempt to reverse the damage to the planet they took a women and injected lots of plant material into her so she was more plant then human and it worked, wherever she walked, the green fire would come back there. They stopped using the portal cause there was a mishap and people died, after a while they began to no longer see Russia on the other side of the portal but, a new "alien" city. They assumed it was the city the people who build the portals were from. When you get there you slowly find out what happened as you move through the levels and the women (only person left on the planet now) helps you avoid dangers on the land. In the end you find out some plant life still survived (and is trying to kill you) and she combines herself with that to bring life back to the planet. Finally you learn the plants made the portals on that planet and the city shown through the portal is actually Earth since every week on the planet is months on Earth so it was hundreds of years later when he finally got to the planet and back on Earth the architecture had become "alien" looking over the centuries. Finally you walk through the portal and are back in the future Earth.

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