Hack n Slash. Dating Sim.
Killer Is Dead - Chapter 1 (Rank AAA) (Nightmare)

Killer Is Dead - Chapter 1 (Rank AAA) (Nightmare)

Released May 23, 2014 (PC Release).


Basically like an easier version of Devil May Cry (no rating system and combos are much easier) this game is very focused around the mashing of X. So much so you can easily beat this game on most difficulties except very hard and nightmare by just spamming X and dodging(guard breaks being replaced by dodging behind enemy).

Game also has dating sim minigame that is optional though you should do atleast the first 3 for extra weapons. Basically if you succeed in the dating sim (take daring looks then choose appropriate presents to give) then the "beauty" will give you something special which is the first 3 extra weapons then red and blue cards after that

Killer Is Dead Boss


Killer Is Dead Scarlett

(max combo stuff).

Story is about a guy named Mondo, he spends the game defeating monsters and "wires" till he learns about his past and how David ruined his life. In the end he seeks out David on the moon and kills him. The last scene is "Moon River" placing and execution order on your character.

Unlockable costumes, gigolo challenges, challenge maps and 5 different difficulties add lots of replay ability to this game.

Game exe is KIDgame.exe .

Date BeatenEdit



Killer Is Dead Vivienne(alternate), Mondo, Mika(alternate)