Civil war with an automatic weapon.


Released September 8, 2009.


Game received bad reviews but, I thought it was very good. Definitely in my top 10 fps games.

Story is about a guy protecting General Custer is taken to the future by a time traveler and is used to correct history from bad time travelers. You travel to mainly WW1 and the Civil War but, the ending is in Pompeii as Mt. Vesuvius is erupting in 79 A.D. and of course the beginning is Custer's last stand at the battle of Little Bighorn. You fix history while also looking for the creator of the time machine. In the end you learn the bad time travelers are just the company you work for in the future and they are trying to change history to stop genocide in which terrorist developed a virus that kills people depending on the race. In the end you rescue the creator but, the boss of the future company appears and shoots the creator while also revealing there objectives about changing history. Dexter then says "what do we do now brother?" and the credits roll.

The game is mainly focused around killing Germans, Confederates and Indians but there is a part where you own them a little too hard and have to kill Russians and Union to get history back in line.

Your partner on the missions is a guy called Dexter. He is easily one of my top 3 favorite video game characters. He's always mad, says fuck in almost every sentence and compares everything to nuts(balls) humurously.

Its also humurous that to single handely turn the tide of battle you basically use weapons from the future. You blow Germans up with a rocket launcher that shoots 6 rockets at a time and get to mow down confederate soldiers with one shot muskets with a full auto m4 with 150 clip and an auto shotgun with a 30 round clip. Extremely unrealistic, extremely fun.

You get to fly in a zeppelin and shoot Germans below.

Horseback warfare.

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