Third Person, Puzzle, Platformer.

About the use of shadows to move around.

Released November 15, 2013.


I originally wanted to play it because of its noir theme, you dont see many noir theme based games anymore. The best part of the game was the bleak noir based world and art.

The concept was pretty interesting, just like FEZ and Braid the concept makes the platformer fun.

Basically you use objects to manipulate light on walls, then use the shadows on the walls to reach platforms.

The puzzle's are easier then most puzzle games.

Kind of weird story about a women, her daughter, her husband and her daughters father. Basically the women kicks out the husband for being "no good" or a loser. He takes a loan from a couple loan sharks to try to open a circus and impress her. His main act and the act the circuses success depends on is the little girls real father, an illusionist who doesnt care about her or her mother. In the end the Husband (with the help of his daughter and her imaginery friend Dawn(you)) makes the circus a success. Finally you learn her real dad assisstant's was Dawn and they can both go into the "shadow world".

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