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Released April 30, 2014


First wanted to play this after reading it had a very complex battle system.

The battle system is very complex yet the most fun part of the game. Its basically your usual turn based rpg game except you can use your cursor to slow down your opponents, after your opponents choose a move and are in the red part of the bar, and you hit them then they get knocked back to about 30% on the bar. The strategy to win the game is to slow them enough so you'll attack just before them and stop them. Some opponents and most bosses counter though if they are stopped, counter with an even deadlier attack so those times you need to slow enemies so you hit them before they choose their move.

Story was about a little girl who finds herself in a "fairy tale" land and wants to get back to her land but she must recover the sun, moon and stars. She learns to fly to make this possible and meets 2 jesters, a guy with a mask, a mouse, a lizard girl, and a dwarf over the course of the game and they come along with you as playable characters. She learns that her stepmother is super evil and her sisters (stepmothers daughters) are evil as well and acted nice in the real world. You end of killing them all and finding out your the Queen of Light, the stepmother being the Queen of Night.

Lots of dialogue, and all of it rhymes! Probably the 2nd best part of the game.

You start as a little girl, then grow to a women, then get a white dress and crown. Kind of like Ocarina of Time.

Game has New Game +, something you rarely see these days.

Credits actually had a song with words in it but, it is an Ubisoft game so I guess you can expect that kind of budget.

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