Alan Wake

Third person shooter, survival horror, "psychological thriller".

Released February 16, 2012


Very interesting story, best part of the game.

Combat was slightly annoying, you have to shine a flashlight on the enemies first till their "darkness" breaks then shoot them. Flare gun was like a rocket launcher. Flashbangs like a grenade.

Overall story was about Alan Wake a writer who goes on vacation but, his wife goes missing and he must find her. He learns about the darkness in the town and how dangerous it is. The whole game is a story he wrote during his 1 week blackout and in the end he ends the manuscript with the death of him and the darkness while releasing his wife from the darkness power and saving the town.

Only 3 enemies are evil guys, evil birds, the darkness throwing objects and infesting them.

Alan Wake Gameplay

IMO its a game worth playing, even with the annoying combat and running from the darkness, its still a game worth playing for the interesting story and possibly a sequel.

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